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Pet Communication
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Talking with SparkyPet Communication is a Two Way Street

People talk to their animals all of the time but the challenging part is hearing what they have to say in return. Many animal lovers see that look in their pets' eyes that says "I'm trying to tell you something" and they think, "if only I knew what you are saying or feeling, I could help".

This is why it is beneficial to call in an animal psychic, to assist the communication process in becoming a two-way street, to strengthen the bond between people and animals and to recognize otherwise unknown physical or emotional issues that may inhibit wellness. Through intuitive communication and an ancient healing art called Reiki, Marla gets to the bottom of pet mysteries and stimulates the innate ability to heal. She has been tuning into animals most of her life and credits her Arabian horse for pushing her into this field full-time. (Read more about Marla)

How Does it Work?    

Marla reads the energy or spirit of the animal, which is why it works without the animal present and how it is possible to reach the animals that have transitioned into spirit. She communicates with an instantaneous, heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind union. It is similar to the way the Internet works in that once the "online" psychic connection is made; the information is relayed at a high speed in the form of words, images, sounds and feelings.

Sometimes pets even send a scent or show a mini movie of their life. Once the connection with the animal is established, the conversation may be very much like speaking to a person.


Communicating with Animals When people talk to each other, they are communicating verbally and telepathically at the same time. Visual images, feelings and moods are created along with words. All of the senses are engaged in the conversation, usually we just aren't aware to what extent this occurs.

For example, if someone told you they just picked a bunch of fresh red roses and got pricked by a thorn, you could virtually see and smell the flowers and may even feel the sensation of the thorn piercing your skin just by actively listening to the description with all of your senses. Animals can send us telepathic messages behind "silent" words in the same way.


Marla is also able to feel your animal's physical energy in her own body. This is helpful to interpret the type, location and intensity of pain or discomfort the animal is having. Often times helpful information such as energetic imbalances or early warning signs of disease will be discovered in a reading before physical symptoms present themselves. This information along with a veterinary follow-up can be an integral part of wellness maintenance for your animal.


Pets will share their likes such as favorite colors, toys, activities, foods or places to sleep and dislikes including certain noises, human behavior, or activities that they don't care for. They also understand when we are getting ready to leave or return home, (see Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's, "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home"). Pets understand when it's time to go to the vet, if we are sick or having a bad day by studying our energy.


Some pet readings reveal confirmation of what the family already suspected. Other times people are surprised when they hear how much the animal understands and absorbs or how deeply an event has impacted them emotionally. Pets also seem to be good character judges and will let you know exactly how they feel about certain people. How many times have you thought you should have taken notice when your dog objected to a person or situation? They also have opinions about our jobs, socal life and healing needs.



Marla specializes in contacting animals that have passed on to the next leg of their journey. She serves as a bridge between worlds reuniting people and their loved ones in spirit. She receives examples of how their family can see or feel their presence and will even give advice on life path choices. These beloveds continue to guide and protect us from the other side.

Animals are like angels. They represent one of the greatest sources of unconditional love we have on our planet. Tap into them, for they have so much to teach us. All we have to do is be open to receiving! Their love continues on even when they depart their physical bodies. You can connect with them at anytime through your heart.

What to Ask During a Pet psychic Reading

While dogs, cats, and horses make up the bulk of the pet population, Marla also communicates with other animals including exotics and wildlife. The following are questions that typically come up during a pet reading:

  • What would make my pet happier?

  • Is my animal friend having any pain or discomfort?

  • What emotional component is behind a particular behavior?

  • What background can you give me about my adopted pet?

  • How does my pet feel about a specific person or animal?

  • Can you help find missing animals?

  • What does my pet think about the quality of his/her life?

  • What does my pet want to teach me/humanity?

  • What has my animal set out to learn in this life?

  • How is my animal that passed away and what does s/he want me to know?

Answers to these questions usually spawn a deeper dialogue with the personality of the pet coming through in many ways during a reading. Some speak in very playful, child-like terms, or convey a feisty attitude, and yet others are clearly wise, noble and commanding of great respect. A few come across as very aloof and lackadaisical. Even when it comes to pain or illness, some pets are very stoic about how they handle it while others detest the slightest bit of discomfort. Each animal is it's own universe of love, knowledge and compassion.


Many times people will ask, "are you sure you're not reading me?" when Marla is communicating with an animal. Whether it is reflecting personality traits, life situations or specific diseases, the similarities between people and their pets are uncanny! Maybe this explains why some pets even look like their people.


Frisbee In many cases animals will appear as a "mirror" to their human families to bring specific physical, mental or emotional issues to the surface to learn, grow and heal from them. They love us so much and are very receptive to our energy that sometimes they try to heal us by taking on "our stuff" in their bodies.

Most people are so closely connected to their pets, that the animals become energetic extensions of their pet parents. It is important to deepen the awareness of our energy and recognize when it is affecting our pets. Keeping ourselves grounded, replenished and balanced will have a powerful impact on the emotional and physcial well-being of our pets.

Talking to our animals about not taking on our stress is helpful. Creative visualization techniques can strengthen their aura and help protect them. Reiki and acupuncture can be quite wonderful in maintaining energy wellness and a happy, balanced household for everyone.



Pet Psychic reading FAQ's


  • Does the animal need to be with me during the reading? No. The readings are all about psychic energy. Marla's energy will literally merge with the energy of the animal and through this process she feels what it is like to be inside of their body. She will also receive more overall impressions about life and answers to specific questions. Some people find it interesting to watch their pet at the time of the reading for signs that the connection is taking place.

  • What can I expect as a result of the reading? First a closer bond with the animal for choosing to deepen your love by connecting with the animal's thoughts and feelings on an intimate level. They are truly grateful for our interest and compassion.

    You should receive at least one concrete sign or verification of the reading such as an explicit description of a favorite toy (sometimes even an outfit) or favorite activity. Animals may repeat an exact phrase that you say or nickname that you call them. You may hear a request or personal advice that makes total sense to you.

    Next you should experience some shifts based on the conversation. Any noticeable shifts whether slight or magnificent should be recognized and rewarded. Wouldn't you rather improve for someone who is always praising and encouraging your efforts rather than always pointing out what is wrong? Animals feel the same way.

  • Can animal communication help with behavioral issues? A pet psychic communicator discovers the emotions at the root of behavioral issues and works with the animal and human family to resolve the issues together. Sometimes behaviors began in a previous home requiring energy healing techniques to help cleanse negative experiences from the past before new training methods are expected to work. Flower essences and homeopathic remedies are wonderful complementary therapies that address the emotional and energetic components necessary to help shift unwanted behaviors.


  • What can you tell me about my animal's health? If you notice signs like lethargy, inappetence, weight/hair loss or has sudden personality changes, you need to see a vet ASAP. Pet readings are non-diagnostic and do not replace the need for health care from a qualified veterinary medical practitioner , acupuncturist, homeopath or chiropractor.

    A pet reading can reveal areas that are energetically imbalanced or painful sometimes before any physical symptoms occur. It can highlight an organ or body system that is under stress. It may even provide specifics such as which vertebra is most painful. This information can be very helpful for the qualified medical practitioner to perform a thorough exam.

  • How is it possible to connect with animals in the spirit realm? The physical body may come to rest but the energy or spirit of the animal departs and transitions into a higher plane. Energy is not limited by time or space boundaries and Marla combines the long distance healing aspect of Reiki to connect the person to the animal and to help shift outstanding guilt, grief or sadness and express the continuation of love through this new dimension of the relationship.

  • Can anyone learn to communicate intuitively with animals? Yes, everyone is born with the intuitive ability to use his or her "sixth sense". It is perfectly natural and widely heralded in native cultures. Until recently, our society was skeptical towards psychics or intuitive healers. Now with shows like The Pet Psychic, Medium and Ghost Whisperer hitting mainstream tv, our generation is more receptive to this ability.
  • Everyone receives psychic information differently. For some people, they will get clear messages during a dream state; others will feel it in their body, have a clear vision or a gut knowing when something is wrong with their animals or loved ones.


Set up a pet Psychic Reading

Hooch cat Private sessions are offered in half hour ($75) and hour ($150) segments by phone or email and include a combination of Pet Psychic reading information and Matrix Reiki healing depending upon the individual needs of each animal.

A photo is helpful but just a basic description including the name, age, breed and gender of the animal is all that is necessary to establish a connection.

Email Marla , Marla's Assistant  or call (707) 328-4997 to be on the appointment list. Please include your name, address, phone number and your pet's basic info along with the best days and times to be reached.

Once you have a confirmed appointment time you may send a check to:

Marla Steele

PO Box 2531

Petaluma, CA 94953

or use the PayPal link below,

Please do not pre-pay until you have a confirmed appointment time:

1/2 hour phone reading $75

1 hour phone reading $150

It is important to note that ONLY veterinarians are qualified to diagnose and prescribe, therefore many times clients will be referred to a veterinary medical care practitioner before any bodywork or readings may occur.

Travel arrangements can be made for special events, speaking engagements workshops or pet psychic parties. Contact Marla for availability and rates.

Pet Psychic Parties


Pet psychic parties are available to groups. The fee is $30 per person, $300 minimum. Each person is alloted 2-3 questions/10-15 minutes.


Learn animal Communication from a pet psychic

Everyone is born with the ability to communicate intuitively, but as we age, we tend to rely on our other more "practical" senses. If you choose to embrace pet psychic communication as part of your journey, you will find the tools already exist in you right now and it is a matter of reawakening a few skills that you already know.

Tonka It may sound both simple and complex at the same time but very little is required to get started. First of all, it is important to believe that it is possible to communicate intuitively. Next you must relax your mind and body so that you will be open to receiving messages. Breathing exercises, yoga or a brief meditation works well for most people. And finally you must use your imagination when having a heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind conversation with an animal. Be confident that what you are receiving is accurate. It is usually much easier to begin with someone else's pet. Try asking a simple question or two free of emotional attachment to the outcome.

Current classes in Pet Psychic Communication, Energy Wellness for Animals, Reiki for People and Pets and Manifesting Your Destiny available here and by signing up for the Healing With Energy Newsletter.




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