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Marla Steele is a Pet Psychic, Animal Medium, Reiki Master, Equine Bodyworker, Flower Essence and Aroma Therapist, Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Sole-to-Soul Coach. She has been a professional animal communicator since 2000, a far cry from her degree in Broadcasting from Arizona State University. After working behind the scenes in radio and retail venues, Steele decided to come out of the psychic closet and make a full-time career out of her love for animals.


Steele has been a regularly featured guest on several major market radio and tv shows since 2003 and a passionate animal welfare advocate raising over $10,000 for PETsMART Charities with her readings. She trains others how to talk to their animals, connect more intimately with nature and to participate in creative healing techniques including the ancient healing art of Reiki. Marla Steele makes her home in the Northern California Wine Country with her husband, horses, cats and goldfish and can often be seen at pet friendly winery events.


This is her story:


Marla and BrunoEver since I can remember, my love and sensitivity for animals has been the focal point of my life. Bruno was my first dog and some of my favorite childhood memories were spent in quiet moments with him. We just had a way of understanding each other. I believe he is back with me now in a cat body. When I first researched pet psychic communication on the Web several years ago, he started rubbing all over the monitor literally pointing me to many helpful resources along my path.

My dreams also guided me tremendously. I am grateful to recall them with such clarity. Luckily my mother encouraged us to listen to our inner guidance by honoring our dreams and gut feelings. There were so many powerful, symbolic, unsettling, precognitive and recurring themes waiting to be decoded upon awakening. I took it a step further and assumed friends and coworkers wanted to share in reviewing these experiences. I was shocked to learn this was atypical. Why didn't more people remember and follow their dreams with the same validity?

As time went on and family members passed away, they began to visit in my dreams. At first I would cry and miss them terribly when I saw them, but it wasn't too long before I was looking forward to their appearances and our journeys together. Eventually I would even invite them to visit me on specific nights and they would oblige. You can imagine how wonderful and exciting this was!

Marla and Grandmother

I then began to experience dual consciousness in my dreams such as taking mental notes on how relatives appeared, where we went, who we visited and what it looked like all the while knowing that it would be important to report these events to loved ones back home shortly after waking. It felt like I was on an information gathering mission, almost like a reporter relaying a breaking story. These experiences proved to me that the communication with the spirit of a person whether living or deceased, was entirely possible and very real. So if we could do it with people, why not animals?

It was no coincidence that Grandma died the day my horse arrived. She orchestrated it perfectly as usual. Grandma was a doctor in a small town and if a patient couldn't pay she would ask them to bring food from their garden or promise to take me for a ride when I visited, despite the fact that horses were ruled off-limits by my parents. Grandma's illness came at a time when I was searching for a horse. I didn't find that "special one" until I flew back to Missouri to visit Grandma in the hospital. While I was staying there with my sister, I discovered "the one" was her new ArMarla and Steeleabian that had been on pasture rest due to an injury. Steele and I quickly bonded and two months later he arrived at my home in California, within minutes of Grandma's passing. Grandma sent a bluebird to me with the message, "Enjoy your horse and goodbye for now".


Since then Steele has taught me how much of our essence is taken on by our pets, often in an attempt to mirror back to us with the potential to learn, grow and heal. Steele started talking to me while I was away from him and I knew I was reading more than just his body language or facial expressions. The information he was giving me was amazing and easily verifiable. I felt even more connected to him at a distance than in-person. I know that Steele also serves as a bridge between two worlds. My relatives and spirit guides communicate to me through him. My paint horse, pygmy goat and cats also assist daily in my continuing education and spiritual growth.

animal montage

In 2000, I took the "big leap" on Leap Day and married a wonderful, intelligent and compassionate man on a horse drawn sleigh in Lake Tahoe. We spent many hours discussing our roles in this life and he encouraged me to quit my stable yet stressful job and search for a profession that honored my depth and passion for animals and servicing people.

Marla and Father Right before our wedding, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and my new career became a quest seeking out alternative therapies to comfort him during his remaining months. Dad was a traditional surgeon and very practical. He surprisingly welcomed the Reiki sessions and intuitive messages I was receiving with an open heart and soul. He experienced great comfort and pain relief and began requesting Reiki daily, unusual for a man who asked so little. We taught each other so much in his final months. I promised him I would continue on with the family tree of healers. He promised to help me from the other side, even though he wasn't sure he would know what to do!


My horse colicked while I was away taking care of Dad. It gave me the opportunity to return home and practice some of these new-found therapies on him. Steele had an extensive, miraculous recovery from surgery and life-threatening complications. He is an excellent partner and Master teacher showing me the value and truth in following your intuition. Steele is my biggest inspiration. My beloved pony "nudged" me (one of his favorite things to do) and said it was time to help out other horses and animals now that he had given me the tools to get started.


I have observed how influential the power of touch can be for the mind, body and spirit of every living being and am very grateful to be a part of this communication and healing process. I find it especially gratifying when I can serve as a vessel for messages from the spirit realm, delivering confirmation of how our animals continue to show up and love, guide and heal us from the "Rainbow Bridge".


I would like to thank my Mom, the rest of my family (human and animal), friends, teachers, angels and guides for their constant love, support and enthusiasm along this journey.  My unexpected money angels who always come through and support me when I have the desire to attend a class or share my healing messages with the world.

Gratitude for my cats (house and barn) as they are my master teachers. It is an honor to be their student! I appreciate their love, wisdom and perception of non-physical beings.



   Love, Marla







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